Every time I tell myself that it is time to “get in shape” I get really into it the first few days- sometimes even the first few weeks. Then I take a day off from the gym, nothing wrong with that, right? But then, that day turns into two, then into three, then next thing you know it’s been a week, then a month, that I haven’t gone.
It never fails, happens every time.

What makes me think that this time it’ll be different? Well, this time there’s a goal. There’s a reason. This time I’m doing it for me.

Two years ago I weighed about 130lbs, average weight for a person my age and height. Now, two years later, I weigh 169lbs. A whopping 39lbs later. 39lbs of heartache, of depression, anxiety, hurt. In all honesty, I forgive myself for gaining that weight. I don’t agree with it, but I forgive myself.

Today is the day that I make a difference, that I stop being the person I was and start building the person I want to become. A happier, healthier, better looking, feeling better- me.

For the ones of you who find yourself now in the same boat as myself, or who have in the past (let’s face it, we’ve all had our challenges) please feel free to share your journey with me as I share mine with you.

Here are some reasons why;